About Us

Keeper Limited is a professional manufacturer of sacrificial anodes in Shandong,China. The products mainly include zinc alloy sacrificial anodes and aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes. Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company, Dalian COSCO Shipping Company, Qingdao Beihai Heavy Industry Company, Shanghai Shipyard, Nantong COSCO Shipyard, Zhejiang Jinwan Shipbuilding Company, Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard, Wenchong Shipyard, Fujian Mawei Shipyard, Xiamen Heavy Industry Company, Nanjing Ocean Shipping Company and many other well-known domestic shipyards and shipping companies, At the same time, the products are exported to Greece, France, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and other international markets, and have won widespread praise.


The zinc anodes and aluminum anodes produced by our company are widely used in ships, ballast water tanks, machinery and equipment, Marine engineering and harbor facilities, drilling platforms, port terminals, condensers and pumps of seawater media, as well as pipelines and cables in low resistivity soil. The product is certified by China Classification Society (CCS), the quality of zinc anode meets GB/T4950-2002 standard, and the chemical composition of zinc anode meets US MIL-A-18001H and ASTM-B418(Type 1) standards. Aluminum anode quality in line with GB/T4948-2002 standard, aluminum anode chemical composition in line with MIL-DTL-24779D standard.


Keeper Limited has passed ISO 9001 and CCS quality certification, our company has a perfect quality control system, from raw materials (zinc ingots, aluminum ingots) to finished products (zinc anode, aluminum anode) process no other components enter, no contact with other metals. Our laboratory is equipped with DF-100 direct reading spectrometer, plasma inductively coupled atomic emission spectroscopy and other high-end testing instruments. From raw materials - processing - warehousing each process layer control, layer detection. Do not let go of any small details, so that our product performance is stable for a long time, to ensure that each batch of sacrificial anode size, weight, chemical composition and electrochemical performance meet customer requirements.


The main products include:

1. Marine sacrificial anode; 

2. Sacrificial anodes for ports and docks;

3. Sacrificial anodes for underground buried pipes;

4. Sacrificial anodes for power stations, heat exchangers and pipelines;

5. Sacrificial anodes for hot water tanks and hot water boilers. 


Key services include:

First, according to GB8841-88 national standard and NACE, Norwegian DNV PRB401 standard and U.S. Navy US.MIL-A-18001J standard sacrificial anode design;

Second, provide underwater installation of sacrificial anodes.


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