• How to choose aluminum anode, zinc anode and magnesium anode?

    Zinc anodes, aluminum anodes and magnesium anodes are three common sacrificial anodes, and these three anodes have their own place in different application fields. Advantages of aluminum anodes Many offshore equipment use aluminum anodes instead of zinc or magnesium anodes for the following reasons.

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  • How to effectively solve the problem of oil storage tank anticorrosion? Comparison of sacrificial anode and impressed current cathodic protection.

    Cathodic protection is installed on existing steel underground storage tanks and pipes to meet corrosion protection requirements. However, just installing a cathodic protection system does not mean that everything is done, cathodic protection systems are not always very effective, and technicians need to continuously monitor the effect of corrosion protection and repair the defects generated during the operation of the cathodic protection system. How to inspect and verify cathodic protection systems so that they can be used properly, we will discuss cathodic protection methods and related monitoring standards in this section.

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